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The Little Thing (Coming Soon)

For kids and adults alike, a tale of garden faeries, newly arrived from Ireland to reconnoiter the terrain of South Florida, which they know will soon become an island. But Icelandic faeries have also come down with the same idea of settling down, which leads to strife and war among the little things.

The Ten Tenants (Coming Soon)

If sociologists and statisticians place the number of homosexuals in society at 10%, then in an apartment building of 100 flats there should be at least ten gay tenants. This novel starts with the first storey, and goes up to the penthouse.

Ploughshares into Swords (Coming soon)

The last volume of Roy Luna’s trilogy, A Revolutionary Education, takes its hero, Zénobe Bosquet, on further adventures and voyages, including a trip to the nascent United States of America in order to observe democracy in action. He takes his impressions back to the French in time to join their own revolution, with dire consequences.