Just Published: Exoskeletal

A new collection of poetry by C.M. Clark explores the timelessness of the ancient Spice Trails interconnected with the modern world. Here is proof that the past is truly not past for it clings to us like new skin and lives its indelible life inside our heads, as anachronistic anthropological…

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A man realizes one day that there is a foreign conscience inside his head: it speaks to him, with a German accent. Thus begins the saga of finding out how this came to be, and the attempt to return this outsider to his own body. Imagine one day hearing a…

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The Exploits of Zénobe Bosquet, a Virtuous Young Atheist, & of Monsieur Wagnière, His Fellow Librarian

The second volume of Roy Luna’s trilogy about the Eighteenth century, A Revolutionary Education, in which Zénobe Bosquet, an acolyte of Voltaire and a fervent believer in the forces of Reason and Enlightenment, accompanies the late philosopher’s library to Russia, a long and dangerous voyage that takes him through new lands…

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Presentation of Lord of Reason

It is at this moment, February 10, 1778, that professor Roy Luna begins his novel Lord of Reason, describing the resounding day of glory when the people of Paris welcome back their philosopher-hero, thronging around him and declaring him the defender of the downtrodden, the advocate of the suppressed, the annihilator of tyranny. But Voltaire happens to fall into a household where brilliant—and strange—things were happening.

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Lord of Reason Cover

Lord of Reason

Lord of Reason, a historical novel by Roy Luna

In the years leading up to the French Revolution, two servant boys in the Parisian house where the 84-year- old Voltaire has returned from long exile learn to use the philosopher’s Cartesian methods to deal with their love for each other. They also learn, like the French nation itself, how to rid themselves of the oppressive tyranny of the aristocrats and the priests.

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