Just Published: Exoskeletal

A new collection of poetry by C.M. Clark explores the timelessness of the ancient Spice Trails interconnected with the modern world. Here is proof that the past is truly not past for it clings to us like new skin and lives its indelible life inside our heads, as anachronistic anthropological recollections that leave us walking on the desert sand trails of silk roads
and the mountain paths of military elephants.

L.E. Clark

In this new verse narrative, poet C.M. Clark compiles the postings of provocative characters in motion along a hypothetical Silk Road of tweets, memes and other viral oddities. Their stories are strongly grounded geographically – some entangled in a quantum way – yet freed from the limits of ethnocentricity and the constraints of time.

The collection is both meditative and confrontational. Imagine a holographic rendering of the bones, the muscles, the tissue and the DNA all gathered to shape a new archaeology of human artifact, human action. Whether taken as a whole or experienced individually, these poems chart the unsettling grey area between your favorite escape room and an MRI of the soul.

Some creatures really do wear their bones on the outside.

Available May 12, 2019 through amazon.com & barnesandnoble.com & at select independent bookstores.


About the author

Roy Luna: Roy Luna is a retired French professor who dabbles in the arts, tinkers with music, reads heavily in fiction and history, but does not neglect biographies or science. His main efforts these days are devoted to writing a trilogy of novels based on events occurring during the years between the death of Voltaire (1778) and the French Revolution (1789-94), years rich in both enlightened human progress and dark, evil terror. Three times a week he volunteers at Dunbar Old Books, making sure orphaned books find their way to other readers. His library at home may have surpassed the 10,000 mark, and he valiantly tries to read them all… The one important thing to retain about Roy is his horror at the sins, the injustice, the atrocities, the crimes against humanity that are perpetrated and justified in the name of religion. Any belief system that condones such savagery has discarded its humanity, abandoned its compassion, and forsaken its principles of empathy, tolerance and love of one’s neighbor.


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