longrun = in the long run; adverb, similar in usage to eventually, finally, ultimately;
< shortening of the phrase “in the long run”


Longrun, booksellers who sell online will do much better than those who don’t.
Allowing the currency to float will longrun stabilize the country’s economy.

Concomitantly, shortrun would be used as well.
This stock might provide value shortrun, but I anticipate trouble in the company’s future.

Precedents in this sort of truncation of a phrase or longer word do exist:

  1. goodbye < “God be with you.”
  2. toodle-oo < French “tout à l’heure”; which has a further shortened form: toodles.
  3. fo’c’sle < forecastle
  4. ladies and gents < ladies and gentlemen
  5. all the myriad of truncations that abound: fax, for facsimile; fridge, for refrigerator; including acronyms, which purport to do the same thing. ASP, for as soon as possible, as in: Finish the sentence ASP, for I’ve a plane to catch.


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