About the author

Richard A. Schwartz: Richard A. Schwartz is Professor Emeritus at Florida International University (FIU), where he taught literature for over 30 years. Much of his scholarship and fiction asks how people can act morally, and in a spiritually-fulfilling manner, within an uncertain, relativistic, self-contradictory universe, where nothing is ever exactly as it seems. In addition to his seven academic books, ranging from Cold War Culture and The 1950s and 1990s to a study of Woody Allen’s creative work, he has also published some short fiction and self-published a semi-absurdist novel, The Conflicted Liberal, about a professor who takes up pie-throwing as a form of political protest. He is currently circulating several plays and screenplays, including Collaborators, which presents the complex personal, political, and artistic relationships among director Elia Kazan, playwright Arthur Miller, and actress Marilyn Monroe during the period of the 1950s blacklisting.

The Modernist Vision

The Modernist Vision Implications for Today of a 20th Century World View by Richard A. Schwartz, Professor Emeritus Department of English Florida International University   For me, the dominant question of twentieth-century studies asks how a person can live an authentic, moral, self-actualized life centered around some notion of proper…

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