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J. Saury: Using technology for the creation of art, Jorge Saury brings his unique expertise and perspective to the Solution Hole Press team. With over 25 years’ experience in the creative space, Jorge’s acumen also encompasses international literature, culture, and design. He marries this wealth of knowledge with technology to bring SHP’s vision front and center in the contemporary world stage.

Lord of Reason Cover

Lord of Reason

Lord of Reason, a historical novel by Roy Luna

In the years leading up to the French Revolution, two servant boys in the Parisian house where the 84-year- old Voltaire has returned from long exile learn to use the philosopher’s Cartesian methods to deal with their love for each other. They also learn, like the French nation itself, how to rid themselves of the oppressive tyranny of the aristocrats and the priests.

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Dragonfly — New poetry from C.M. Clark

An adventurous poet is C.M. Clark who, with the advent of her third book of poetry, entitled Dragonfly, just published by Solution Hole Press, continues her poetic exploits with vigor and with courage. She is truly, of all of us, the Keeper of Words, as one used to say Keeper of the Keys, who opens the doors for us and eases us into a world of her own making, where the dimension of time has been deconstructed and all three temporal elements, past, present and future, function simultaneously.

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